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Application Development
Lotus Domino
Lotus Domino enables you to extend your reach to customers and helps workgroups to communicate and work together more efficiently. Domino combines a document based database system with integrated messaging and workflow capability. Using Domino as our primary development platform we create web enabled solutions that enable you to communicate with employees, vendors and customers, buy and sell products and provide information resources.

IBM WebSphere Application Server
WebSphere application server manages and integrates e-business applications while leveraging Java-based technologies and APIs. WebSphere Application Server is part of the WebSphere family of software that is provides tools to enhance the security, scalablity and maintainability of your applications. The application serve can be used to deploy server side applications such as servlets,Java Server Pages, Java Beans and Enterprise Java Beans and contains support for connecting to enterprise database systems. At Technology Genesys, we develop Internet applications using Java and XML technology and deploy them on WebSphere application server.

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