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Lotus Domino Family of Servers
Lotus Domino is a World-Class Enterprise Groupware product with integrated messaging and web capability. Companies can use it to conduct business in both a LAN and Web-based infrastructure. There are three editions of the Lotus Domino Server.

Lotus Domino 6 Messaging Server
The Lotus Domino Mail Server provides World-Class messaging capability combined with collaborative services such as Calendar & Scheduling, Newsgroups and Discussion Databases. The Domino Mail Server is Internet Standards-based and provides native SMTP routing, and MIME content support, plus support for S/MIME, SSL, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, HTTP, HTML and SNMP. IN addition, the server provides support for Notes Clients and browser based Lotus Domino Web Access clients.

Lotus Domino 6 Enterprise Server
In addition to the capabilities offered by the Domino 6 Utility Server, the Lotus Domino Utility server is an open, secure platform optimized to support the delivery of collaborative Web applications as well as applications accessible from Notes Clients and Messaging. The Domino Application Server is a world-class Web Application server providing:

  • Security. Domino's multi-layered security allows you to control access to Servers, Domino applications and HTML files.
  • Enhanced HTTP stack. The Domino R6 HTTP engine delivers outstanding performance and Java servlet support.
    Integration with Microsoft IIS. Use IIS as the HTTP engine for Domino, to dramatically enhance IIS security and bring Domino's rich Web application services to you NT-based Web environment.
  • Integration with WebSphere Application Server. Websphere Application Server is a J2EE 1.3 compliant Web Application server. Integration with Domino allows you to collaborative capabilities of Domino with the features of WebSphere Application Server to develop world class enterprise applications.
  • Failover for mail and applications. Ensure continuous access to your Domino messaging system and applications.
  • Dynamic Load balancing. Automatically maximize performance and scalability.
  • Server consolidation. Consolidate servers enterprise-wide while distributing ownership of server resources through unlimited partitioning. Cluster any combination of Domino platforms, access any LAN or high-speed WAN. Use an built-in analysis tool to consolidate systems easily.
  • Billing Services. Track, report and analyze system usage for billing, chargeback and capacity planning purposes.

Lotus Domino 6 Utility Server
The Domino Utility Server supports collaborative applications were email access is not required. The Domino Utility Server Supports applications accessed by Web Browsers as well as Notes Clients.

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